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If you want to buy some cards you will still get 2 FREE cards.  See the paragraph below the images

0066 (2) pink trillium (2)
IMG_0068 (3)
4102L (3) magnolia in the rain (2)
3481-pink flowers (2)
4427-lillies (2)
4410-single lily (2)
4354-shooting stars (2)
IMG_0488 (2)
2812-orange flower (2)
2753-white-green leaf (2)
0001 blackberry blossom (2)
2-3802-tiny pink blossoms (2)
Img_0310-red flower-green leaves (2)
6418 (2)-yellow snapdragon-like (2)
6598 (3) pea blossoms-soft edges (2)
5832 red rose water drops
4692L (4) white & blue camas WaterColour
4809-red poppies (2)
4852L (3) wisteria (2)
0971-sailing ship sunrise
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All of the images above and below are available as prints in any size you would like, or as 5x7 greeting cards with or without text inside.

Card Prices - I don't print cards until you order them, so...

4 of 1 card (all the same) $3.75 each, $15 for 4 plus postage and taxes
4 different cards are $5 each, $20 for 4 cards plus postage and taxes
(because it's more work printing 1 copy of 4 different cards.)


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Flowers as we never see them

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