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English Country Dance Music

For a few years we have been having English Country Dances.  I did these arrangements so people could dance if the band didn't have enough people. It doesn't look like dancing will be safe for years right now...
These were fun and let me experiment with different instrument combinations.

The Pandemic Waltz - Came to me Aug. 3 2021, but it's taken months to be happy with it.  Click here for the dance instructions.

Bar a Bar -  I can't find out anything about the tune, but decided to experiment with a drum.  Plays 6 times for dancing.

Sunlight Through Draperies uses the tune Judy & Jim's Wedding by Larry Unger - This is the same arrangement that appears on my Cover Arrangements page.

The Duke of Kent's Waltz - Yes, that's him in the picture.

Bolt the Door for the dance Jack's Health

Indian Queen

Barbarini's Tambourine

Yes, there's a tambourine.  And Kettle drums!

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